QubeChain, LLC. has attracted experienced, leadership, and expertise.

our Associates

QubeChain, LLC. has brought together leaders with experience to bring blockchain to different virticals.


C. Rees Morgan II


Mr. Morgan is the Managing member of Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC. which incubated QubeChain, LLC.

Mr. Kang Hsu


Mr. Kang leads QubeChain Healthcare practice.

Rich Boney

Aeronautical Lead

Mr. Boney is a pilot and experienced entrepreneur. There are several aeronautical applications that have been waiting for blockchain.


Ned Evans

Legal Counsel

our Board of Advisors & Partners

QubeChain, LLC. is lead by experienced board members and partners.


Mr. Richard Plane

Board Member

Cisco Systems - Chief Technologist - Advanced Services Technology Office


Arthur Hudson

Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC, co-founder

Michael Cobb

Rugged Cloud CEO



Solomon Yang

Deneco Group, CEO