Our Associates

QubeChain, LLC. has brought together leaders with experience to bring Blockchain to different verticals.



C. Rees Morgan II -- Founder

Mr. Morgan is the Managing member of Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC. which incubated QubeChain, LLC.

Rich Boney -- Aeronautical Lead

Mr. Boney is a pilot and experienced entrepreneur. There are several aeronautical applications that have been waiting for blockchain.

Mr. Kang Hsu -- Co-Founder

Mr. Kang is one of the co-founder and leads QubeChain Healthcare practice.

Ned Evans -- Legal Counsel

Mr. Evans serves as the legal counsel to QubeChain

Board of Advisors & Partners



Mr. Richard Plane -- Board Member

Cisco Systems – Chief Technologist – Advanced Services Technology Office.

Michael Cobb

Rugged Cloud CEO

Arthur Hudson

Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC, co-founder


Solomon Yang

Deneco Group, CEO